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Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe
R 2,050.00
The Shaman features the standard down-turned toe and the highly asymmetric design of most shoes designed for high performance. However, Evolv has done something unique with the addition of the "love bump" a feature that keeps your foot comfortable in a more natural position while still allowing for a steep down-turn of the toe. The heel and arch has little extra space, providing an incredibly secure feeling. Three velcro straps that close in opposite directions completes the sense of security. ?This shoe depends on a tight fit for rigidity while climbing. Evolv's Trax rubber is soft, and the knuckle box has a lot of spare material if your toes aren't arched up into it. Size these shoes in-store, perhaps a half-size up from your street shoe size. They also stretch significantly over their lifespan, and as typical of all Evolv synthetic shoes can get pretty stinky if not cared for
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