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Sport Climbing Third Edition - John Long
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SPORT CLIMBING Third Edition - John Long

Sport climbing is here to stay. Even the most die-hard traditional climbers will not dispute that fact-especially as they lace their climbing shoes and prepare to have a blast clipping bolts up a steep, hard face. The benefits, both physical and psychological, of climbing difficult face routes in a controlled environment have blurred the boundaries between climbing factions. Today almost all climbers want to experience the thrill of leading at their limit without having to place pretection.
With contributions from over 20 of America's leading climbers, Sport Climbing covers all key aspects of the game. Precision body movement,advanced techniques for varied terrain,bouldering,training, and indoor climbing are given a thorough examination. Sport Climbing is the perfect sourcebook to improve your ability to crimp,crank,and power your way up today's best bolted routes.
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