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Cathedral Peak: Culfargie - Monk's Cowl
R 120.00
Cathedral Peak is one of the best known and most climbed peaks in the Drakensberg. Standing at the end of the Cathedral Range, which runs perpendicular to the main escarpment, it can be climbed as a day hike. The easiest route involves some rock scrambling and is a little bit exposed in places, but does not necessitate the use of rope in dry conditions. The peak is dramatically shaped and steep on all sides, with the normal route running up the eastern face, the least steep of the faces. Behind (west of) Cathedral Peak is the very distinctive Bell (2928m), then the Outer and Inner Horns (both 3005m), the Chessmen, the Ntonjelane Needle, the Mitre (3023m), and the Twins (2899m). It is possible to traverse the slopes of all these peaks by a route known as the Bell Traverse. The Traverse starts from the top of Mlambonja Pass, a wide grassy gully which summits on the escarpment, and runs along the sides of the peaks before descending to the Cathedral Peak Hotel. The peak can be climbed in a day from the hotel by following the lower section of the Bell Traverse to a little gully between Cathedral Peak and a gendarme, and then branching off the traverse route to ascend a few slopes and rock bands to the summit of the peak itself. The view from the peak is absolutely fantastic, and also atypical in that one can look across at the escarpment from a relatively high altitude.
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